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Living with constant fear that your life may be turned upside down because of an immigration issue can be stressful and extremely frightening. After all, you are working hard and doing your best to provide for your family. But, it seems, you are always looking over your shoulder, wondering when the U.S. Immigration Service will come knocking at your door. Similarly, if you are being strangled by government red tape that is preventing you from getting a Green Card or visa, you are understandably frustrated.

When you or someone you care about is facing a legal challenge in New Jersey, especially one regarding immigration laws or criminal charges, you need an experienced lawyer who will fight for your rights. You want someone who speaks your language; immigration attorney Michael Noriega is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. When you hire Mr. Noriega, rest assured you will get experienced, sound legal representation. Contact Mr. Noriega today for a free consultation about your immigration matter.

Michael Noriega Handles Many Types of Immigration Issues for People in NJ

Michael Noriega began practicing immigration and criminal law because he wanted to help both documented and undocumented immigrants get a fresh start and a chance to build the lives they deserve in towns throughout NJ. His commitment to the immigrant community is strong; he prioritizes each and every client’s case, working hard on your behalf for a successful outcome.

Talk to Immigration Lawyer Michael Noriega about the Following Immigration Matters:

Whether you are facing deportation, want some information about obtaining a Green Card or a non-immigrant visa, experienced lawyer Michael Noriega will provide experienced, creative solutions for your immigration issues. Contact him today for a free consultation about these or other immigration-related matters:

Facing Deportation Proceedings? While many immigrants live in fear of being deported, the true legal issue is known as “Defense from Deportation.” This means that if you believe the government is trying to deport you from the U.S. and send you back to your home country, you need an attorney to mount a defense on your behalf in an effort to keep you in the U.S. There are many defense strategies that can be used to fight deportation proceedings. Mr. Noriega will advise about the best way to proceed with your case.

Do You Want a Green Card? The first step toward obtaining a Green Card, a document that will allow you to live and work legally in the United States, is to find out if you are eligible to be granted one. There are several pathways toward obtaining a Green Card. If you are married to a U.S. citizen, depending on the length or your marriage and some other factors, you may be able to seek a marriage petition. Similarly, if you are a U.S. citizen and have a loved one living in another country, you may be able to get them a Green Card based on family ties. Mr. Noriega will guide you through the application process working hard to make sure your application is not denied.

Are You Seeking Asylum in New Jersey? The United States government recognizes that there are times when people who live in the U.S. are here because they fear for their lives in their home country. These individuals may be able to apply for and be granted asylum in the U.S. Asylum is a type of legal protection that will prevent the person from being sent back to their country where they fear persecution. However, the process isn’t easy and there are many aspects to the process before an application for asylum is granted. Mr. Noriega will explain your rights.

Want to Apply for a Non-immigrant Visa? There are many people who want to visit, study and work in the United States, without a desire to become permanent residents. To do this, a person must apply for and be granted a visa – legal permission to enter the country and remain here for an extended time. A limited number of non-immigrant visas are granted each year. These include B1 & B2 visas for temporary visitors or workers; an F1 visa for foreign students who plan to attend school here full time or a J1 visa which is for someone engaging in an exchange program for education or business purposes. Other visas are available for people involved in criminal matters, whether you are the victim or witness to a crime.

In Need of Temporary Protected Status? Sometimes, when the U.S. government determines that conditions in a foreign country are unsafe, the Department of Homeland Security will designate that country’s nationals as eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). An example might be if there is a natural disaster or war in that country. In order to apply for and be granted TPS, foreign person must already be in the U.S. Mr. Noriega can explain the complex details of TPS.

If you are facing deportation, looking to obtain a Green Card, a visa, asylum or temporary protected status – or if you have any other immigration-related question – it’s very important that you speak with an experienced immigration lawyer instead of trying to handle these complicated legal matters on your own. Michael Noriega stays on top of the immigration changing laws and who understands the importance of keeping you and your family informed as the legal matter proceeds through the process. You can rely on Mr. Noriega and the entire team of experienced, successful lawyers at our firm.

If you live in New Jersey, we invite you to call Mr. Noriega today for a free consultation about your immigration case. He will work hard on your behalf. In fact, if there is a legal way to keep you here, in the United States, and prevent you from being deported, you can rely on Mr. Noriega to find it and pursue justice on your behalf.

You Have Legal Rights in NJ; Immigration Lawyer Michael Noriega Will Fight to Protect You

Mr. Noriega believes you have legal rights and he promises to fight tirelessly to protect them. He knows all too well that a language barrier as well as the fact that many people live in fear of being deported are reasons why the immigrant community in New Jersey doesn’t have access to information as they should. That’s why Mr. Noriega is committed to providing all immigration clients with fair, honest representation for their legal matters. He works on behalf of clients throughout the entire state of New Jersey from our firm’s many conveniently located offices.

If you or someone you know has questions about their immigration status or any legal issue relating to immigration, please trust Michael Noriega for dedicated, skilled legal services. Contact our offices today for a free, confidential consultation. You do not have to live in fear of being deported; Mr. Noriega is on your side and will fight for you and your family.